V2 Cigs Review

Over the past decade, the electronic cigarette industry has spread, grown and developed. People’s growing knowledge of the dangers of smoking tobacco coupled with the tremendous expense have caused a great number of people to turn to electronic cigarettes for a safer smoking alternative.
[headline]V2 Cigs: A Proud History & A Stellar Reputation![/headline]

There are so many ways in which vaping with electronic cigarettes is much smarter than smoking tobacco cigarettes. In terms of safety, there’s really no comparison between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes . With electronic cigarettes, you do not pollute the air around you or that in your lungs, and you can’t set your house, your clothing, your bed or your forest on fire. The clean, fresh vapor you enjoy instead of acrid and deadly smoke has no effect on those around you and has a very minimal effect on you.

If you’ve been thinking of replacing smoking with vaping, you’re sure to have heard of V2 Cigs, the most popular, respected and trustworthy electronic cigarette on the market today. Indeed, V2 Cigs becomes more popular with the passage of each day thanks to their dedicated work on the continuous improvement of their products and services across the board.

It hasn’t always been this way. In the beginning, V2 Cigs experienced a number of problems in keeping up with order fulfillment. Customers also Expressed disappointment that the V2 Cigs web-site was a bit difficult to use and confusing. Now all of that is a thing of the past. V2 Cigs has put intense attention, focus and research and development into completely improving every aspect of their business. As a result, V2 Cigs was rated the top e-cig in the market in 2012 by Alexa.com the most recognized online statistics web-site in existence.

V2 Cigs The Company
Headquartered in Florida, . The staff at the corporate headquarters are available for extended hours, and the service as well as product development, lab testing, and other aspects of the manufacturing business are all completed in the United States as opposed to outsourcing to manufacturers overseas.


When you visit Alexa.com be sure to check out the impressive statistics that leave no doubt as to the high quality of V2 Cigs. If you are seeking the very best in electronic cigarettes, the statistics should easily convince you that you can purchase V2 Cigs with absolute confidence. It is the brand that is rated number one in the United States of America, and in fact, V2 Cigs is entirely an USA based electronic cigarettes company.

V2 Cigs is the best known of e-cig companies in the industry today for lots of good reasons. Not only is V2 Cigs right on top of the newest and best in technology, it is also a company that values customers and pays close attention to customer feedback. V2 Cigs wants happy and loyal customers and has created a pricing system that will allow almost anyone to happily make highly valuable and satisfying purchase affordably. Because V2 Cigs does go the extra mile to provide the best in customer service, products, and a complete guarantee, this fine company has truly earned its number one rating from the statistic experts online at Alexa.com.

The popularity of V2 Cigs is easy to understand because V2 Cigs is an accessible e-cig company that can provide all smokers with everything necessary to make the change from obsolete tobacco cigarettes to sleek, new, clean and satisfying electronic cigarettes. Prices are affordable, values are great and customers are certain to be happy with the respectful and caring service they receive at V2 Cigs.

There are three very good reasons why you will be extremely satisfied if you begin your vaping experience with V2 Cigs. First of all, V2 Cigs is the brainchild of a group of former smokers who were intent on creating a high quality, value priced electronic cigarette that would provide smokers with a truly authentic vaping experience. Secondly, V2 Cigs offers more choices in terms of starter kits, e-liquids, batteries, and more than any other electronic cigarette company going. Third, smokers always appreciate the fact that V2 Cigs look, taste and feel like a tobacco cigarette, yet does not deliver the danger of thousands of pesticides, chemicals and other carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes.

The fact of the matter is, V2 Cigs is such an innovative and pioneering electronic cigarette company that it has had a strong influence over the rest of the industry. Why choose an imitator when you can have the original?

[headline]Customer Satisfaction Is Top Priority At V2 Cigs![/headline]

V2 Cigs is the top choice in electronic cigarettes in 2012. This is the pronouncement of the respected online statistics web-site, Alexa.com. It is certainly easy to see why V2 Cigs is considered to be the very best in a glutted market. When it comes to technological edge, quality, variety, performance and pure customer satisfaction no other e-cig hold a candle to V2 Cigs.

When I speak of performance, and specifically I am referring to the satisfaction of vaping with a V2 Cigs e-cig. Lots of e-cigs are hard for smokers to get used to and don’t really satisfy the cravings that smokers experience. By contrast, V2 Cigs fires on all six cylinders! It’s convenient, feels great in your hand, looks great, delivers fantastic, rich flavor for vaper and provides just the right amount of nicotine to satisfy any smoker.

V2 Cigs is a smarter alternative to smoking in every way, and that’s why most smokers who tried it find it easy to switch to V2 Cigs and stay faithful to this excellent and superior e-cig brand. More and more smokers are turning to V2 Cigs as a permanent smoking alternative.

In addition to sheer satisfaction with the vaping experience, V2 Cigs offers all around customer satisfaction. This is why so many smokers have decided to go with V2 Cigs instead of larger and flashier companies such as Blu Smoke, Green Smoke and NJOY. When it comes right down to it, consumers are smart and they know better than to pay high prices for a company’s advertising when they could pay reasonable prices for a fine product instead. That’s the simple reason why V2 Cigs beats out every other electronic cigarette company on a steady and consistent basis.

[headline]High Performance & Great Design Keep Customers Satisfied![/headline]

The first thing you’ll notice about V2 Cigs is its superior performance and unique design. V2 Cigs construction is the very best quality and lends itself to complete customer satisfaction. More and more smokers every day learn about the great quality and great performance of V2 Cigs. After all, the fact that every component of V2 Cigs is thoroughly tested and held to high standards during production means that vapers can enjoy all the benefits of a solid, enjoyable e-cig that produces the best and biggest and most satisfying vapor of any e-cig on the market today. Customer satisfaction  accounts for V2 Cigs’ high standing in the e-cig industry today.

The fact that V2 Cigs is constantly coming out with new updates and improving their already fabulous, cutting edge e-cig simply means that customer satisfaction will continue to increase. In addition to making ongoing improvements to their product line, V2 Cigs also strives to keep an attractive and user friendly official web-site (v2cigs.com) that will make every aspect of the customer experience simple and enjoyable. The fact that customers can order starter kits, individual components and regular supplies with great ease will keep customers coming back for more. The fact that V2 Cigs’ wide range of starter kits can be customized is just icing on the cake.

All of V2 Cigs’ extra touches and extreme concern for customer satisfaction is sure to keep V2 Cigs at the very top of the e-cig industry. Of all of electronic cigarettes available today, V2 Cigs and the smokeless cigarette is clearly the highest quality, most convenient and most effective smoking alternative. It’s no surprise that smokers continue to turn to V2 Cigs and enjoy the thick, rich vapor production that is so often lacking in other brands of e-cigs. After all, satisfaction is absolutely necessary if smokers are to have success in switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

[headline]Customers Are Sure To Be Satisfied With V2 Cigs’ Great Guarantee & Warranty![/headline]

The bottom line is that after all is said and done V2 Cigs is simply the best there is in the e-cig world. On top of all of the wonderful ways that V2 Cigs provides outstanding customer satisfaction, there’s one that just can’t be beat. V2 Cigs offers the very best guarantee and warranty in the business! With V2 Cigs you get a full 30 day money back guarantee on all products and then absolutely astounding lifetime warranty on all electronic components. While it may be hard to believe, the fact of the matter is if you’re V2 Cigs better read eyes, you will get a free replacement! No questions asked! You just can’t beat that for customer satisfaction.

[headline]V2 Cigs Customer Service Backs Up The Company’s Customer Satisfaction Philosophy[/headline]

One of the last things many electronic cigarette companies consider is customer service. For this reason customer service in the e-cig industry is generally pretty awful. Many times customers just accept this as a matter of course; however, this should not be the case! Electronic cigarettes are very personal products, and it’s important that people making the life changing transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping with electronic cigarettes have support and ready answers every step of the way. V2 Cigs understands that and provides knowledgeable, friendly, well trained customer service agents by phone, online chat and e-mail. Customer service reps at V2 Cigs will always be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have at any point in your vaping experience.

Even though the importance of customer service is often overlooked even by the very best of reviewers, V2 Cigs places a great deal of emphasis on offering the very best in customer service including offering a very streamlined and easy to understand ordering process. When V2 Cigs revamped its web-site to make it user-friendly, the ordering process became one of the simplest and most straightforward offered by any e-cig web-site. It’s quick and easy to place your order, and you will be delighted with the speed and efficiency with which your package is shipped to you. When you receive your much anticipated V2 Cigs starter kit, you will surely be pleased with the professional packaging, clear instructions and pertinent safety precautions that are included. Naturally, you’ll be thrilled with your attractive and high quality electronic cigarette products.

I first learned about electronic cigarettes a number of years ago, and I was lucky enough to find the V2 Cigs web-site right off the bat. I started off being impressed by their reasonable and value packed starter kits, and I have remained that way ever since. What’s not to love about V2 Cigs? They have a couple of fantastic options in starter kits that cost under $30.00, and their most expensive one is under $190 and simply chock full of fabulous vaping necessities and luxurious accessories.

New vapers can count on being pleased and satisfied with everything from V2 Cigs’ comfortable, strong, long lasting proprietary batteries to its easy draw cartomizers generously filled with V2 Cigs’ delicious and carefully prepared e-liquid in the users’ choice of flavor and nicotine strength.

When all of these marvels are presented to you on an interesting, informative and user-friendly web-site that offers easy access to friendly, knowledgeable and supportive customer service, and accompanied by a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, you’ve got the most winning combination available to smokers who wish to become vapers and vapers who wish to switch to the very best in electronic cigarettes.

If you do have questions, concerns or problems after you receive your new V2 Cigs starter kit, simply get in touch with V2 Cigs’ friendly, knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives. You can reach them by phone, e-mail or online chat, and you can feel comfortable and confident in asking any question or Expressing any concern you have in regards to your new e-cig.

You Won’t Believe The Flexibility, Choices & Variety You’ll Enjoy When You Choose V2 Cigs!
V2 Cigs starter kits are the best on the market today and provide real choice from one kit to another. Many e-cig companies offer starter kits that are very similar and contain questionable products. Keep in mind that anytime you’re thinking of purchasing from an e-cig company, one of the best ways to judge the company is to look at their starter kits.

Companies that are just out to make a buck without any real concern for product quality or customer satisfaction will often simply buy mass quantities of generic e-cig components from overseas and then simply parcel them out into boxes with their Logo imprinted on them. They call these starter kits, but they are really just repackaging of low quality materials. You will surely not find this with V2 Cigs, a company that is based in the USA and adheres to the strictest standards and technology, production and customer service.

At V2 Cigs, starter kits are many and varied so that you will find genuine choices of excellent products. Choose from V2 Cigs’ exciting, all new proprietary 4.2 volt battery that is not only the strongest and most efficient battery on the market today, it is also just about the only new and significant development in e-cig technology that has come out in quite some time.

Along with this fantastic battery, you’ll have tremendous choices in V2 Cigs cartomizers filled with V2 Cigs’ proprietary, high quality e-liquids. All of these excellent products combine to form a dazzling selection of truly wonderful e-cig starter kits. V2 Cigs offers a huge variety of choices so that anyone can afford to get started vaping with the best e-cig on the market today!

V2 Cigs even offers a choice in delivery methods that you won’t find with any other e-cig company. V2 Cigs has an exclusive contract with United Parcel Service(UPS). This contract is the result of V2 Cigs being approached by UPS because of the company’s fantastic reputation for customer service and fine products. V2 Cigs feels honored to have this exclusive contract with this successful company that is well known for fast and efficient delivery.

At every step of your V2 Cigs experience, you’ll be able to choose and customize. From your first visit to the web-site to placing your order for your first starter kit to continuing to purchase cartomizers, batteries and accessories, you will always be able to select exactly what you want. Unlike old fashioned tobacco cigarettes or even other brands of e-cigs and, with V2 Cigs you are in charge!

Every Aspect Of The All New V2 Cigs E-Cig Battery Outshines Every Other E-Cig Battery On The Market!

Every component of V2 Cigs’ superior e-cig is top of the line, well designed and built and beautifully put together. V2 Cigs’ unique U9 batteries are just another example of the V2 Cigs difference. One of the most innovative creations to hit the e-cig world, V2 Cigs’ powerful, long lived mini e-cig battery is a miniature marvel.
V2 Cigs’ all new proprietary batteries come in three popular styles, the hundred MM Shorty, the 110 MM Standard and the 140 MM Long. This is good both in terms of your own comfort and satisfaction with your vaping experience and also suitability for your pocketbook. At only $20.00, the Shorty is very affordable. Long batteries run about $30.00, which is still a very nice price.

In addition to having three lengths of batteries to choose from, you can also choose from two different styles, manual or automatic. With manual batteries, you will push a button to activate the battery. If you choose automatic e-cig batteries, you’ll have the convenience of having the battery activated automatically each time you inhale.

There are advantages to both kinds of batteries. Obviously with automatic batteries you have a great deal of convenience, and many people find automatic batteries provide a more authentic vaping experience. On the other hand, there are vapers who prefer manual batteries because they believe that this type of battery provides a richer, thicker and more satisfying vapor. While in the past, this was absolutely true, the fact is that automatic battery technology has advanced to the point that automatic batteries can rival manual batteries in this respect. Nonetheless, it’s great to have choices. This is something you don’t get with every e-cig company.

Across the e-cig industry, you will find the vast majority of electronic cigarettes powered by the standard KR 808 D-1 electronic cigarette battery. This has been a good battery for a good long time; however, V2 Cigs has come out with something fresh new and exciting. V2 Cigs’ all new U9 4.2 volt battery is smaller, stronger and longer lasting than any other e-cig battery on the market today. Needless to say, it also produces the very best and most satisfying e-cig vapor.

On top of being more practical in every way than old fashioned e-cig batteries, the U9 is more attractive and more comfortable to hold than any of its predecessors. It’s soft matte finish provides a secure grip and a warm touch as opposed to the slick, cold metallic finish you’ll find on most electronic cigarette batteries.

V2 Cigs Offers A Sensible Range Of Tasty, High Quality Flavors!

One example of the ways in which a V2 Cigs meets the needs of customers with unique, high quality products is the fact the V2 Cigs produces its own extraordinarily high quality proprietary blends of e-liquids. Unlike e-liquids are subject to strict oversight and. Unlike any other brand, V2 Cigs offers accountability for the purity and safety of each and every batch of e-liquid. You can check it yourself by visiting the V2 Cigs web-site, going to the batch verification page and entering the code number you’ll find on the side of your product packaging. Incidentally, that packaging is child-proof to ensure the safety of little ones in your home.

V2 Cigs offers three categories of flavorful, high quality, proprietary e-liquid flavors. They are Rich Tobacco, Cool Menthol and Specialty. In the Rich Tobacco flavors you’ll find Sahara which is similar to Camel, V2 Red which is similar to Marlboro and Congress which is similar to Parliament. In Cool Menthol you’ll find the category namesake, Cool Menthol as well as regular Menthol and Peppermint. Specialty flavors include V2 Cola, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee.

This small, yet refined collection of flavors has something for everyone. Personally, I like the Specialty flavors, and I like to purchase prefilled cartomizers so that I can switch cleanly from one specialty flavor to another without any flavor crossover. I like all of the Specialty flavors offered by V2 Cigs, and that is testament to the fact that V2 Cigs’ flavors are better than most other brands of e-cig flavors. In most e-cigs, I do not enjoy the Cola flavor, but with V2 Cigs I do.

Cartomizers From V2 Cigs Are Of The Highest Quality With The Best Flavors At The Greatest Value!

V2 Cigs cartomizers are beautifully packaged and designed, durable and generously filled with the delicious V2 Cigs e-liquid flavor of your choosing. V2 Cigs cartomizers are value priced and rival any other cartomizer on the market in terms of quality, flavor and performance.

During the production process of V2 Cigs cartomizers, daily testing is conducted. This testing ensures consistency and temperature, weight of the cartomizer, ease of draw and thickness and volume of vapor. Following full testing, cartomizers are packed and sealed in individual foil packages to ensure that customers receive fresh, clean, clearly labeled product.

Just like everything else with V2 Cigs, you have choices with cartomizers. Not only can you choose packaging, flavors and nicotine strength, you can also choose to purchase blank or empty cartomizers. People who do this like to customize their experience even more by filling and refilling their cartomizers with their own custom blends of e-liquids. If you have the time and you enjoy this sort of thing, filling your own blank cartomizers can save you a little bit of money and even provide you with an enjoyable pastime.

With V2 Cigs prefilled cartomizers you’ll find a sensible selection of high quality proprietary e-liquid flavors offered at affordable pricing. But you may initially think that the number flavors offered by V2 Cigs is lacking when compared with electronic cigarettes that offer hundreds of flavors (some quite strange an unlikely). If you compare flavor and vapor production between V2 Cigs’ e-liquids and those offered by other companies, you’ll surely see that it’s better to offer a small, solid collection of excellent flavors than a huge and variable collection of oddities.

How Do V2 Cigs’ Cartomizer Prices Compare With The Prices Of Other E-Cig Cartomizers?

V2 Cigs cartomizers are always value priced, and you can refer to the comparison chart on the V2 Cigs web-site for up to the minute information on pricing. Generally speaking, V2 Cigs cartomizers cost about $1.69 each. The more you buy, the better the price!

Here’s a handy list:

$225 buys 100 cartomizers
$129.95 buys 80 cartomizers
The $66.47 buys 40 cartomizers
$44.95 buys 20 cartomizers
$12.95 buys 5 cartomizers

SPECIAL: Right now, there’s an all new Special Edition flavor – Passion Fruit – that on special sale for only $9.95 per five pack.

If you price cartomizers elsewhere, you’re sure to know that these are very fine prices!
When you consider the fantastic quality of the cartomizers themselves and the excellent, USA made proprietary e-liquids you’re sure to appreciate the significance of the value prices.

V2 Cigs Has Just The Right Starter Kit For Every Smoker!

When it comes to starter kits, you won’t believe the choices and options you’ll have. V2 Cigs starter kits range in price from $29.95 to $189.95. They range in contents and from being basic, simple, high quality Economy kits to luxurious treasure troves of vaping equipment and fun accessories. Here’s a rundown of the fantastic starter kits and you can get from V2 Cigs!

The V2 Cigs Express starter kit is only $29.95, and it contains a single V2 Cigs battery, a single USB charger and a single flavor cartridge. This is very bare bones, but it’s enough to get you started, and it will last long enough for you to be able to make a very informed decision about V2 Cigs. When you Ultimately decide to purchase a more luxurious starter kit or to add to your original purchase with accessories and other components, you’ll be able to simply add on because all V2 Cigs technology is interchangeable. These basic components will work with any and all of the rest of the products V2 Cigs offers.

TIP: You may want to go ahead and purchase a 5-pack of cartomizers when you purchase your Express starter kit. That way you’ll be able to just continue happily vaping without interruption.

You can also get the V2 Cigs Notebook-Cig for only $29.95 and this is a very handy little item to have either as your first V2 Cigs or as an addition to your collection. The Notebook allows you to vape endlessly at your computer by powering your e-cig with your USB Port. This provides a fantastic, rich vaping experience that never ends! You will never run out of power when you power your e-cig with your USB Port.

Another difference between the Notebook-Cig and the Express kit is that with the Notebook-Cig you get a 5 pack of flavor cartridges in your choice of nicotine level and flavor. Again, if you start out with just the Notebook, you can happily use it with all components from any other V2 Cigs starter kits that you order in the future, so the V2 Cigs Notebook-Cig is a really handy gadget to have! One great way to add to your Notebook-Cig is to simply by a single batteries for only $19.95. This is a good next step to get even more versatility out of this clever item.

The Express kit and the Notebook kit are both extremely affordable entry level kits. The next step up is the value priced V2 Cigs Economy kit. It costs $59.95, which is an average price for e-cig kits on the market in general. The difference as that with the V2 Cigs Economy kit, you get great value, great customer service and fantastic proprietary V2 Cigs technology and e-liquid. In the V2 Cigs Economy kit you get a single V2 Cigs e-cig battery, a single USB charger and a single wall charger. You also get a 10 pack of nicotine flavor cartridges of your choice. This is a fantastic value at an affordable price.

When you’re ready to go all out with V2 Cigs, you’ll want to order the Ultimate kit at $189.95. It has everything you could ever need to have a full, satisfying and varied vaping experience. Your Ultimate kit treasure chest will come jam packed with your choice of three V2 Cigs batteries – you can mix up lengths and styles! You also get a complete V2 Cigs Notebook-Cig that is fully powered by your USB Port. Additionally, you’ll get a V2 Cigs charger kit and a V2 Cigs portable charging case (PCC) as well as a car adapter and a regular carrying case. Along with all of this, you’ll get your choice of flavors and strengths in a five full 5- packs of nicotine flavor cartridges. This equals more than 50 packs of tobacco cigarettes! You’re sure to feel as if Christmas has come early when you open your V2 Cigs Ultimate starter kit!

No matter which V2 Cigs starter kit you get, it’ll include the basics, and then you can count on having great choices in all the components you add. You can choose battery length and style, number, flavor and nicotine strengths of cartomizers and wonderful innovations such as car chargers, USB chargers, portable charging kits and more.

It’s easy to see that even though V2 Cigs starter kits may contain the same sort of components that you will find in all e-cig starter kits, the emphasis on product safety, consistency, quality and the best in technology and customer service make V2 Cigs starter kits the obvious choice for smokers who wish to transition safely, happily and with confidence from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

You Can Trust V2 Cigs’ High Quality Products

I have to say that when I received my V2 Cigs starter kit, I was very impressed. I had ordered the Ultimate starter kit, and when it was delivered by UPS I was impressed before I even opened it. The packaging was sturdy and functional yet also offered eye appeal. When I opened the package, I was bowled over by the elegance and fine function and form of my new V2 Cigs e-cig. I can say without a doubt that there is no e-cig that rivals V2 Cigs in either performance or appearance.

Of course every brand of electronic cigarette claims to be the best, so what’s so different about V2 Cigs? There are a number of things that have put V2 Cigs on top and have kept it there. First and foremost, V2 Cigs invests a lot of attention, energy and importance in thorough research and development. In fact, research and development is an ongoing priority for V2 Cigs. Because the company is constantly seeking to produce exactly what the customer wants, it is always out ahead of the e-cig crowd.

Because V2 Cigs is USA based, you can trust the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every product the company produces. Even though V2 Cigs is not a large company, it is one that prides itself on excellence in each and every product it provides. This is a sharp contrast to larger e-cig companies that mass produce large numbers of cheap and inferior products. V2 Cigs produces a fine product with pride and offers it at value prices.

V2 Cigs makes products safety and quality control its first priority. There are lots of the-cigarette companies that really are only into marketing and not particularly interested in the quality of their products or in the satisfaction of their customers once these products have been sold. V2 Cigs, on the other hand, is extremely concerned with every aspect of its product from conception to production to customer satisfaction. Every member of the V2 Cigs team is involved in each step of V2 Cigs’ manufacturing process so that awareness of quality follows each and every product every step of the way.

V2 Cigs is a job creator! V2 Cigs never outsources any part of its production or customer service. V2 Cigs engineers design and test the products in both Florida and California, and the products are created at certified V2 Cigs assembly plants. While some of these plants are international, V2 Cigs engineers from the U.S. are on site to supervise every step of production.

So after all is said and done, the reason that V2 Cigs is the most popular and top rated e-cig on the market today is that instead of attempting to sell their product by simply convincing smokers that V2 Cigs is the best, the company puts it’s money where it’s mouth is and produces the best product.

V2 Cigs believes that smokers will be discerning enough to choose the best, and this certainly seems to be the case. Even though vaping with electronic cigarettes has not been around for very long, customers flock to V2 Cigs thanks to all of the benefits and high quality products provided by extensive research and development, genuine concern for customers and trust that customers will know an excellent product when they see it and will make a smart choice that will support their own happiness and well being.

Use V2 Cigs’ Valuable & Exclusive Coupon Code To Save Big On V2 Cigs Starter Kits & Accessories!

If you’re just starting to think about changing from smoking tobacco cigarettes to enjoying the clean, fresh habit of vaping with electronic cigarettes, this is a great time to take the plunge! You’ll be happy to know that this fantastic coupon will give you tremendous savings off the top rated e-cig with the best customer satisfaction record in electronic cigarette world today.

By using the V2 Cigs coupon code you’ll get steep discounts on the very finest electronic cigarette starter kits, accessories and supplies. V2 Cigs produces the very best e-cigs in the market today, and they are already value priced. With this coupon, you can treat yourself to the very best even with a tight budget.

It’s common knowledge that starting out with e-cigs can be a little bit pricey, but once you get started, keeping in supplies is very affordable especially when compared with smoking tobacco cigarettes. It’s well worth a little initial investment to get yourself started on a life changing habit that will save you money and may even save your health.

Even if you’re currently vaping with another brand of e-cig, you’re sure to appreciate the tremendous value offered by V2 Cigs’ coupon code. Why not treat yourself to the very best e-cig on the market today with this fantastic offer?

Just use this coupon code: EVAPE20 when you check out at V2Cigs.com to enjoy fantastic savings!